Text Messaging… Fuck

Sorry for the massive delay in postings; I’ve been a tad busy this last month.  My blog was also wiped out by a WordPress upgrade.  No matter- the few postings I put up were saved via Google’s cache and the ones that I hadn’t yet published are probably best lost to the ether of the internet.

For many years, I’ve waged a one-man war against text messaging.  I don’t have a problem with text messages or the people who use them .  My sticking point is just how much a text message is marked up.  It’s an entirely artificial cost that becomes incredibly obvious when one compares the amount of information sent in a text plan vs a data plan.  Overlay the cost of both, and a ludicrous discrepancy shows up.

I’ve been stubborn thus far, refusing to buy into a text plan and have instead paid for individual texts.  Until recently, this has been a valid strategy.  I’m not much of  a texter myself, and I’ve always been unpopular enough that no one wanted to text me anyway.  This traditionally worked out to where my per-text fee would be far cheaper than paying for a plan.  Additionally, I’ve been hesitant to add a text plan because it would force me out of my grandfathered phone and data plan which is rather cheap.

But… I’m raising the white flag.

This month’s phone bill shows that my texting charges by themselves nearly double my phone and data bill.  Ugh.  I knew it was trending upwards, but I wasn’t exactly prepared for such a drastic jump.

Now before anyone feels guilty for having texted me in the last couple of months, please note that I was fully aware of the dangers and willing to accept the consequences.  I really thought I could outlast the life of text messages, but they’re still going strong, despite the emergence of smart phones with email, Facebook and Twitter.

I’m marking this one down as another one of my life failures. :-(


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